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Welcome to our super hero name generator! Do you remember yourself as a kid, thinking what kind of super powers you would choose if you had a chance? I always wanted the ability to control time: to reverse it and stop it. My second option would have been the power to read and control minds. What can I say: I guess I have always secretly dreamed to take over the world… I also remember having some serious conflicts with my friends while trying to find an “objective” answer to the question which out of two heroes would win if they were to fight each other. But enough about that, we are not here to share our childhood memories.
The truth is, you can grow up, you can get older, but you will never get too old for admiring super heroes. You will never be too old to enjoy playing super hero video games and this is one of the reasons why we believe that this super hero name generator will be useful for hundreds of people. The database that this system runs on contains the widest range of suggestions, thus no matter what are the powers and other features of your character, we are pretty sure you will find something that meets all your requirements. The second reason we decided that working on this super hero name generator is not a waste of time is that there are millions of people who enjoy super hero books and movies more than any other type of stories. And whenever there is a demand there has to be a supply: there must be authors and screenwriters who work on their development. We sincerely hope that the system we have created will make their job easier.
If you are still reading this text, we assume you are here for a super hero name too, so let us tell you how you get one: you just keep on clicking the button that reads “Generate Super Hero Names” until you see the suggestion that might be useful for you. If you would like to continue looking but are worried that unless you write them down some great names will be forgotten, slide down the window and find them in the list below the title “Super Hero Names Generated”. Click on the suggestions you would like to be added to your favorites and this will do it. We hope you will find our super hero name generator really useful!

so please, go ahead and give a try for our super hero name generator

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