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Welcome to our sword name generator! Those who are not really fascinated with video games might be wondering why in the world we have decided to waste our time on developing a system that generates names for swords. Is there anyone who would actually need it? In fact, there is. First of all, we have developed this sword name generator to help the creators of fantasy video games. As you might now, in many of them players are allowed to choose from variety of weapons, including swords, each of which has different qualities and is most suitable in different cases. People who are working on the development of these digital sources of entertainment already have loads of work on their shoulders, thus what they want least is to spend hours trying to come up with names for variety of different weapons. With this website they will be able to deal with this task in no time: it takes less than a second for the system to generate one new name.
This generator could also be useful for fantasy writers. Did you know that in some cultures the knights used to name not only their horses, but also their second most faithful companions: swords? Well now you do. Charmslayer, Quasislayer, Windslayer, Flamechopper, Ominchopper- these are only few examples of the charming names authors could choose from. The sword name generator we have developed could also come in handy for comic book artists who have already developed an unforgettable hero character, but have trouble coming up with the name for their fight weapon. You have any other ideas on how to use this system? Go ahead and do it!
If you are visiting this website for the first time and are not quite sure how to use it, here are some brief instructions. First of all, click the button that reads “Generate Sword Names”. If you are not in a horrible rush, do not just grab the first or second suggestion: something even better might come along. If you need a several sword names and have trouble memorizing all the best options, slide down the window to find all of them listed in a row. Pick the names that deserved your attention and click on each of them. This way they will be added to your favorites list, which you could copy before leaving the website. We hope you will find this sword name generator really useful!

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