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Team name generator – get your team named in a matter of a second!

We all know how hard it is to come up with a team name that would get everyone’s approval. One of your team-mates does not like this name, because it sounds jerky, the other one doesn’t like that one, because it is boring… and you run out of ideas before coming to an agreement. This team name generator is created to help you get out of such nasty situations. It will provide you with so many options, that you will definitely be able to find the team name that sounds good for everyone. Plus, we can promise you that the names you will find there will not be boring, too common or too generic.
This team name generator can be used in variety of cases, from sports to business events. It is good for finding the name for any sports team, were you playing football, basketball, tag team, volleyball, softball, Dodgeball, softball, skate… or cricket. You will also find it useful when trying to think of a cool name for your weight loss team, trivia team, school project team, charade team or sales team.
Even if you do not belong to any particular team, but have a group of friends you’re always hanging with, you can use this team name generator to think up a name for your gang. Don’t you think The Dizzy Walruses, The Known Foxes and The calm Cougars sound much cooler and funnier than Jimmy, Mike, Tom, Stephan and Louis? Hei, we are not suggesting you should mention this gang name every time you introduce yourself to a new person or add it to your business card any time in the future, but it can definitely be a lot of fun using it in your own circle.
Now let us tell you how to use this team name generator. First of all, click the button “Generate Team Names”. With each click you will see a new name generated in the centre of the window. The names you have already seen will be stored in the box below, titled “Team Names generated”. In order to send it to the box beside it, called “Favorite Names”, click on the name once. The names in this list can be edited, so if you can think of a way to improve our suggestions- just do it. We hope you have fun using this team name generator!

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