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We all know that coming up with the perfect town name can be a pretty daunting task. Although through our lives we have heard of thousands of beautifully named places, the moment we have to think up a name relying on our own mind, we often find ourselves out of ideas. Even when we finally manage to come up with some powerful names that are not already in use, they often lack originality and melody. Well congratulations! Since you have landed on this town name generator, never again you will have to waste time trying to come up with the decent name: our website was developed to do this task for you. It will suggest thousands of cool town names. All you will have to do is chose the ones you like!
Now here are a few simple tips that will help you narrow down the options. First, think whether the name suits the atmosphere of the fictitious place you are thinking about. If you need a name for an ordinary town, similar to thousands of towns in the United States, names like Bladensburg, Colesville, Taneyville and Willow City might be perfect for you. Need something just as realistic, but less typically American? What about names like Valientes, Montilla and Tielmes, which sounds rather Spanish? This town name generator could also come in handy of you are writing a story that takes place in Eastern Europe. Town like Kresty, Isakovka and Novoorlovka sounds as if they existed somewhere in cold and snowy Russia.
However, none of the names mentioned above will be appropriate if you need a name for a town in which humans live next to elves, vampires, unicorns, witches or some other magical creatures. In that case you should look for the names like Kaigored, Lothoilia, Rhokath and Agraucien. Another aspect you might keep under consideration while using this town name generator is the length of name. The shorter it is, the easier it will be remembered. You should also avoid names that are especially hard to pronounce.
Are you wondering how to use this system? Just click the button “Generate Town Names” and one cool suggestion will appear right in front of you. Slide down the window to find the list which contains all the names that have already been generated. The names you like most can be transferred to the favorites list with a click. Have fun using our town name generator!

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