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Welcome to our user name generator (and congratulations on finding it)! So let us guess: you need to register for some website, but your brain is not currently at the peak of productivity? Or did you come up with a perfect user name, but it appeared to be already in use? We are not surprised: when you are trying to get an account on a really popular page this happens half of the times. We might be able to get around this inconvenience if we knew this happens solely due to the vast crowds of page users. But what makes this whole experience really annoying is the realization that the actual reason you can’t get the first account is that half of the people have several of them. To help you save some time and nerves, we have developed a user name generator that will provide you with an original suggestion with every click of the button. While working on this system we tried to include names of as many different styles as possible, thus no matter whether you are looking for something extravagant and intimidating or rather witty and chilled, you will not be disappointed. Just have a little patience!

Now here is one tip that will help you narrow down the options: try reading each of the suggestions out loud. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that some of them actually sound much better than you expected! You find the suggested name kind of cool but would like to make it more personal? Here are a few ways you could do it: incorporate the name of the street/city/region you live in (or came from), add the name of your favorite band, color, cocktail or conjoin it with an adjective that describes your personality. To make sure that an improved version of the name won’t slip out of your mind, write it down in the section titled “Favorite Names”. Now if against all odds the name suggested by this user name generator appears to be already taken, here is what you should do: try to add a prefix (such as “Mr.”, “Miss.” or “The”), make some minor changes in spelling (that would not affect the pronunciation) and then try to register one more time.

As we have already mentioned, this user name generator is extremely convenient: all you have to do to get a new suggestion is click the button you see right below this text. Good luck looking!

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