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Welcome to our villain name generator! Once somebody has quite accurately pointed out that although everybody loves the heroes, they are forgotten sooner than the villains. Ant this might actually be true. At least as long as we are talking about movie and book characters. Can you imagine Gangs of New York without “The Butcher”, Back to the Future without Biff Tannen, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” without Nurse Rached, The Silence of the Lambs” without Buffalo Bill, Bambi without The Hunter, Batman without Joker or “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” without The Queen?
Although during the movie we might find ourselves biting fingernails, hoping that the good would win over the evil, we all understand that most of the times it is the villain who brings the charm to the story. If there was no fight and struggle, there would be no story worth telling. If there were no villains, there would also be no heroes. This is why we believe that this villain name generator will come in handy for all the young book authors, novelists and screenplay writers. It could also be useful for those who need a cool name for a role playing game or an original nickname.
Now here are a couple of tips you might want to keep under consideration while using this villain name generator. First of all, keep in mind that the good villain name has to be relatively short and easy to remember. If you really want to choose a name that consists of three or more separate words, you should at least think of the shortened version you could use occasionally. Second, if you decide to go with a commix style villain name (the existing examples of such villain names include Poison Ivy, Dr. Octopus, Doomsday, The Freezer, The Riddler and Dr. Doom), don’t be to explicit. Names that do not fully describe the character, such as Miss Chievous or Wicked Phoenix, are way more interesting.
Now here is a short instruction on how to use this villain name generator. Keep clicking the button you’ll see in the centre of the screen until you see some suggestions you would like to take under further consideration. Then slide down the window to find the list titled “Villain Names Generated”- it will contain all the suggestions that you have already seen. Click on the names you liked most in order to send them into your favorites list. Have fun!

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