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Welcome to our weapon name generator! So let me guess: you have already tried to come up with a cool name for a weapon and realized this task could take ages or be impossible to complete or/and ruin your mood for the game… You are not the only one! There are hundreds of people who feel exactly the same: they also find this task difficult, monotonous and annoying. Thus we have decided to take this burden off their shoulders and developed an advanced weapon name generator. As you will see, this system can come up with the names for swords, knifes, axes, offhand sward, bows and all the other sorts of weapons you could possibly think of. Thus no matter what exactly you are looking for, we are pretty sure that name you need is somewhere on this website.
Now for those who are still wondering why in the world a person would need a name for a weapon… First of all, we created this system for Skyrim fans. Whether you know it or not, in this game the players get to create and name not only their characters, but also their weapons. This later task actually requires more imagination, as most of know very few weapon names from our experience. But now that you have found this weapon name generator you won’t have to trouble your own head: Netherrealm, True Flame, Immigrant Song, Blafury, Netherwing, Glass Frost, Soul Taker, Reaper, Reaver, Thief of Souls, Peacemaker- these are just a few examples of cool names we have to offer. This system will be especially useful for those who not only play video games, but work on their development. We know that sometimes these guys have to come up with tens of different names in a really short time and feel sorry for them. We hope this generator will make their lives at least a little bit easier!
Now here are the instructions on how to use this weapon name generator. First of all, click the button you see below this text to get a new suggestion. If you like what you see, slide down the window until you find the section titled “Weapon Names Generated”. Click on that cool suggestion which has coughed you attention and it will be added to your favorites in no time. Have fun using our weapon name generator and don’t forget to take a copy of your favorites list before you leave the website! You might need it sooner than you think…

so please, go ahead and give a try for our weapon name generator

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