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Welcome to our Wiccan name generator! If you are reading this text, it is likely that you already know what the word Wiccan means. However, here is the definition for those who have followed this link out of pure curiosity. To put it simply, Wiccan is the modern pagan, witchcraft religion. Unlike most of the pagan religions you might be familiar with from history classes, discovery channel and similar sources, it was only developed recently (well, at least relatively recently): in the first half of the twentieth century. It has coughed little attention at the time it was developed, but gathered quite a few followers after the year 1954, when Gerald Gardner, the retired British Public servant took up its popularization as his personal mission.
You ended on this website particularly because you were looking for Wiccan name generator? You have decided to become a modern pagan yourself? If this is the case, we assume you already know about this religion much more than we do. Or ever will. Well, at least we know one thing just as surely as you do: you can’t show up at the next Full Moon ritual with a name like Mike Stewart or Emilie Milles. The different standards apply in the communities of Wiccans and with a name like that you would look like a black sheep. Sure, if you were a real maximalist (and had nothing else to do), you should probably grudge neither time nor effort to come up with the Wiccan name all by yourself. It would be best if you could just take a bottle of water (and nothing else!) and spend the following few days sitting on the beach or in the forest, waiting for gods to grant you with a vision of a perfect name. Just kidding… We know nobody has time (or is crazy enough) to do this. And this is exactly why we have developed this Wiccan name generator!
Do you see the button that reads “Generate Wiccan Names”? Then go ahead and click it! As soon as you do, the system will provide you with one unforgettable name. However, if there is nothing (even your own birthday!) unforgettable for you, you can slide down the window to find the list titled “Wiccan Names Generated” at any time- it will refresh your memory. Have fun using our Wiccan name generator and if you meet some pagans with really ridiculous names, direct them to this website!

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