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Welcome to our wizard name generator! Magic and magicians have featured in the folklore of every nation all through the recorded history. The wizards were usually portrayed as wise and powerful man and woman, who have gained their abilities through innate talent. One of the typical examples of such portrayal can be found in King Arthur stories, which tell about the old wise mentor and wizard called Merlin. For hundreds of years people believed that sorcerers with supernatural abilities actually live among us. In fact, as you probably already knew, during the Middle Ages a lot of men and women have lost their lives after being accused of practicing magic.
Hundreds of years have passed since these dark days and relatively few people still believe in magic. So why do we think that thousands of people will still find this wizard name generator useful? The answer is pretty obvious. In the 21th century characters that have supernatural abilities are extremely popular in movies, books and video games. It could be argued that Harry Potter books and films are among the main reasons behind this phenomenon. It would be really hard to find a young person who has not read these magical novels about the orphan boy, who turned out to have supernatural powers, got invited to study in one of the greatest wizardry schools in the world and experienced hundreds of fascinating and breathtaking adventures, while trying to save the community of magicians and the rest of the world from the Lord Voldemort.
Would you like to write a fantasy story featuring brave and wise wizards and their fascinating adventures all by yourself? If you have a good imagination and enjoy writing, you should definitely give it a chance. Did you know that J.K. Rowling, one of the most commercially successful authors in the world, has started writing her famed books on the napkins? Who knows, maybe you could experience a similar story of success! This wizard name generator is also perfect if you need to name your character on one of the role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragon.
Using this system is as easy as possible. Just click the button that reads “Generate Wizard names” and the system will provide you with one cool suggestion per time. Have fun using our wizard name generator and don’t forget to visit this website whenever you need a cool name!

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