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Welcome to our Wu name generator! Before we go any further, let’s make sure we are all here for the same purpose. We have heard that some people land on this page accidentally, while trying to dig out some information about Wu family. This is not particularly surprising as “Wu” is the tenth most popular last name in China and knowing the population of this country… Well, there must be quite a lot of Wus walking on this planet. Wu is also quite a popular first name in China, meaning “martial, military, business affairs” and considered appropriate for both girls and boys. However, as for 2013 it does not seem to be catching on in the United States: according to the statistical data, there are still less than 10 people carrying this name.
Excuse us for getting carried away… What we wanted you to know is that this Wu name generator has nothing to do with Chinese folks. This system was created to help you come up with a name that would sound similar to the nicknames used by Wu-Tang clan members. It will come in handy if you are planning to start a career as a rapper or hip-hop recording artist and need a powerful stage name. It could also be a perfect tool to find a cool nickname, online name, account name, etc. One little tip before you start looking: some of the names included into the system has quite clear meaning and could help you define your personality. However, if you decide to go which such name, you should be sure that it will help you to make exactly the kind of first impression you want. Otherwise the name could become an obstacle in your music career or even have a negative effect on your social status.
So how do you use this Wu name generator? To tell you the truth, this is incredibly easy. You just click the button below this text and wait for the system to come up with a cool suggestion. “Wait” might be not the best word to use in this case, as it will only take a second… Anyway, when you see the name you like, you should slide down the window to find it in the list titled “Wu Names Generated” and click on it. This way it will be added to your favorites list and won’t get lost among variety of other option. That’s all, now you can go ahead and start using this Wu name generator!

so please, go ahead and give a try for our Wu name generator

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